What to Bring

Assuming you may want to proceed with a bankruptcy the following information and/or documents at your consultation meeting are helpful. No items are required, so if you do not have an item or any items, you should still come. Having the information available simply makes the process easier and faster.

You may wish to print this email as a guide

1. Federal 1040 Tax returns for 2012 and 2013 (if done) with W2’s
2. Income records (typically pay stubs) from January
to present, if reasonably easy to get.
At minimum the most recent “year to date” pay check
If you receive retirement income, bring statements and/or bank
records showing the income.
3. Any mortgage or title documents for your home, if applicable.
4. Vehicle titles (Car, motorcycle and/or boat)
5. Bills, regular bills, statements and collection letters for debts
Any lawsuit paperwork.
6. Scratch Budget (OPTIONAL) – we will analyze the income side from your income records, so I’m looking for regular “reasonable and necessary” MONTHLY expenses that you estimate you will be paying in the next 12 months. The standard categories are as follows:

[] Rent or Mortgage
[] if mortgage, are taxes and/or insurance included, if so how much?

[] Electricity and heating costs (use annual/monthly average)
[] Water/Sewer

[] Telephone (include house, long distance and cell phone, if internet included, state how much is for each service)

[] other utilities (water softener, alarm system, internet, cable/satellite, etc.)

[] Home maintenance (repairs and upkeep, big repairs and simple stuff like gas for mower, think all year and divide by 12 to get monthly estimate)

[] Food (from all sources, grocery, restaurant, etc.)

[] Clothing (think annual and divide by 12)

[] Laundry and dry cleaning (include soap, softeners, coin laundry, etc.)

[] Medical out of pocket expenses per month
A. doctor copay or expense
B. Pharmacy costs
C. Dental (both regular stuff and if special procedures coming up)
D. Vision costs (total out of pocket divided by number of
months between glasses, exams, etc.)
E. Over the counter (vitamins, band aids, Nyquil,supplements, etc.)

[] Transportation (all costs OTHER THAN car payments or insurance,
so, Fuel, oil changes, washes, repairs large or small coming
in next 12 months – wipers/tires, or engine?
[] Recreation (movies, magazine/paper, etc. generally $50)
[] Charitable contributions (state who gets the charity,
how much and how often

[] Insurance premiums (out of pocket only, not from paycheck)
Homeowners or renters (if not escrowed)
Life insurance
Health Insurance
Other (explain)

[] Taxes (not deducted from wages or included in
mortgage payment, e.g. car tags or out of pocket land tax)

[] Car payments (list each separately)

[] other installment payments (eg. furniture, boat etc. )

[] Child support or alimony YOU pay

[] Payments you make for the support of others not living in your house

[] Any expense from a self-employed business
(ask me about this if you have such a business)

[] Other (the catchall for any regularly occurring expense you will pay in the next 12 months)