Debtor Education

Our Philosophy is that each client should have the opportunity to know the Fundamentals of Bankruptcy. This permits you to understand and participate in both the process and decisions regarding your case. While the practice of Bankruptcy can be very complicated, the basics are within anyone’s ability. We find that knowing what and why gives our clients a level of confidence and comfort.

Our Intake Conference typically provides:

  • Private consultation on your situation with Mr. Reizner
  • Preliminary calculation of an Income/Expense Budget
  • Preliminary collection and valuation of property
  • Explanation of Bankruptcy Basics
  • Attorney analysis and answers to your questions
  • Consultation is Free for Typical Consumers – No Obligation


Come to the Client Lounge

Careful explanations continue from your attorney throughout your case. After your initial contact with Mr. Reizner, you can gain access to the Client’s Lounge (invitation only) for more complex discussions and case specific inquiries.