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Notice: Office Closing

Retirement After 33 years of service

The office of Robert B. Reizner stopped accepting new cases as of December 1, 2017. All presently existing cases and clients will continue to receive full services. During the transition period, we will also remain available for limited consultation and will facilitate new inquiries obtaining competent counsel. Working with my clients now and over the years has been a distinct privilege and pleasure.

The Jackson Office closed on April 30, 2018. An alternate meeting location is provided for ongoing matters. The Ypsilanti Office will remain open indefinitely. The moratorium on new cases will apply notwithstanding the office being “open”.

The Law Office of Robert B. Reizner served Eastern and Mid-Michigan starting in 1984. Our practice was limited to Bankruptcy only. We strive to give our clients the comfort of a solid understanding from which they can take control of their legal and practical challenges while providing effective representation.

Robert B. Reizner