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The Law Office of Robert B. Reizner has been serving Eastern and Mid-Michigan since 1984. Our practice is limited to Bankruptcy only. We strive to give our clients the comfort of a solid understanding from which they can take control of their legal and practical challenges while providing effective representation.

Welcome to our new and improving website!  We are about adding much more content that is useful for you. We are also placing closer focus on our Ypsilanti office.  So, what you see is a BETA version of the site with apologies for the loose ends.  If you find a temporary dead end and want more information on the topic, feel free to send an email through the Contact tab in our menu above.



 Information on the site is intended to aid the casual and does not create an attorney/client relationship.  We will be rolling out a restricted Client’s Lounge area where more specific inquiries can be addressed.  You will be able to access the Client’s Lounge after your initial direct contact with Mr. Reizner.